How can you collaborate with our association?

Become a member

What rights do I have as a member?

You will be able to participate in meetings and assemblies by voicing your opinion and voting, as well as attend all our activities. In addition, you will be able to represent ALAS, e.g. in the media or before other entities. Finally, you will have access to the training programmes that we organise, whether internal, such as DinamizALAS, or external, such as those organised by the FELGTB or the Plataforma del Voluntariado de España.
colabora con ALAS A Coruña
“Mar’i’Picnic 2019” by Carles Vilaplana Díaz, under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

Who can join ALAS A Coruña?

According to art. 28 of our charter, any person with the capacity to act in the interests of the aims established by the association may join ALAS. In addition, persons between the age of 16 and 18 can join with the authorisation of their legal guardians.

How do I become a member?

Firstly, you will have to decide on a type of membership fee with which you will help us to maintain the association. The types defined for 2024 are as follows:

Membership type Conditions Ammount
Aimed to those who, while beign able to pay the general fee, want to contribute with a bigger amount.
Aimed mainly at students and unemployed people, who cannot afford the general fee.
Aimed at those who cannot afford any of the above.
Regardless of the chosen membership fee, all members enjoy the same rights and obligations. To pay the membership fee you must transfer the fee to this Abanca account with the corresponding fee (except for those who request a fee waiver).
ES64 2080 0041 0430 4004 7677
When making the transfer you must indicate, in the subject/concept field, your full name and surname, followed by the word “quota + corresponding year” (e.g. Cristina Suarez Bouzas Quota 202X). To formalise your status as a member, you must fill in, sign and print this form, which will not be legally valid without the signature of our organisation, kept by the secretary. If you have any questions about how to become a member, please contact us.

When I join, do I have to pay the full annual fee?

No, the amount will depend on the current semester. Thus, the fees for new members during 2024 are reduced as the year progresses as follows:

Date Extended fee General fee Reduced fee
From 01/01
to 30/06
From 01/07
to 31/12

At the beginning of the following calendar year, you will have to pay your membership fee in a single yearly payment, with the usual amount and by its due date, i.e. during the month of January.

What if I want to leave the association?

Very simple! You just need to notify us through any of the communication channels that the association has: email or through the contact page.

Make a contribution

We always try to make our activities open to all citizens and at no cost to the public. Therefore, any little help you can give is more than welcome. With your support, you contribute to the smooth running of our association and allow us to continue working for real equality.

How can I help financially?

Through a bank transfer to our Abanca account.
ES64 2080 0041 0430 4004 7677
100% of the amount donated will go to our projects.
Or, if you prefer, you can click on the button “Support our work”. Check the conditions of Stripe, our payment gateway.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In collaboration with ALAS, your company can learn how to manage diversity properly. A work environment where everyone’s reality is fully accepted is important for the personal growth of the staff. In addition, a company where LGTBI people feel respected will be more beneficial for recruitment. If your team is interested in developing CSP programmes and you would like to implement projects linked to equality plans, diversity promotion, vulnerable populations, harassment prevention plans, etc. contact us to find out more about our proposals. This training offer is also open to the public sector.

Other ways


If you are thinking of dedicating your time to building a more equal society, we want to start by thanking you! You can participate in the design and organisation of our activities or collaborate on a specific project. If you want to offer your skills and knowledge in an altruistic way, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We look forward to your support! To be able to volunteer in ALAS A Coruña, it is by no means necessary to be a member of ALAS A Coruña. You need to be of legal age or, failing that, be at least 16 years old and have the permission of your legal guardians.
Voluntarios en el punto solidario Marineda City
“Punto solidario del Marineda City, 2019” by Lázaro Louzao, all rights reserved.


Your participation and your voice are essential to amplify the reach of our message. You can support us by attending the public events our association organizes or by spreading our contents on your social networks and with the people around you.
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