Historia activismo LGTBI A Coruña
2010 – Primer Orgullo en el que ALAS A Coruña participó

Making LGTBI activism history in A Coruña

The history of LGTBI activism in A Coruña began at the end of the ‘80s with the founding of the Milhomes collective. The collective took its name from the first gay character to be ever introduced into Galician literature: the novel A Esmorga by the writer and journalist Eduardo Blanco Amor. In 2005, this pioneering collective, which fought for LGTBI rights in A Coruña, was dissolved. As such, we found ourselves at the beginning of the new millennium without an organisation that defended our community at the local level. In response to this, a group of people decided to set up a non-profit association, inspired by the model used at ALAS Lugo and by the aforementioned, Milhomes collective.


With the approval of the charter in the winter of 2010, the birth of our association was formalised: the Asociacion pola Liberdade Afectiva e Sexual da Coruna- ALAS (the Association for the Affective and Sexual Freedom of A Coruña). The first meetings, under the presidency of Vanessa Almeida Conde, took place in the Forum Metropolitano, A Coruña. We soon moved over to the bar O Alfaite to enjoy a more flexible timetable. Among the initial activities were talks on diversity in the city’s high schools and film forums. We also collaborated with the municipal body to set up the now-defunct LGTBI mediation service. Little by little, our organisation grew, both in terms of the number of members and the variety of activities. In 2015, ALAS A Coruña became a member of the FELGTB, an entity through which we continue to network with other groups in Spain.


Following this upward trajectory, in 2017 the Observatory against LGBTI-phobia of A Coruña was launched, thanks to the support of the City Council of A Coruña. This service is dedicated to listening, advising, registering and reporting LGTBIphobic centred incidents or hate crimes.

After a decade in service of the LGBTI community, on the 3rd of November 2020, we managed to open our offices in A Coruña.

With the support of everyone, we will continue defending and promoting a more equal society. Let’s continue making LGTBI activism history in A Coruna and further afield!

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