Since we began, our charter has established that we are a non-profit association whose main objective is the defence of LGTBI people’s rights. We are a non-partisan (but not apolitical), non-denominational and feminist organisation. Our policy, approved in 2019, establishes nine lines of work:

Integrated Health

We emphasise the prevention of STIs with a special focus on HIV/AIDS. We also give great importance to mental health, which, together with sexual health, are the most neglected areas of the National Health System in Spain.
Pacto Social VIH
We are a signatory to the Pacto Social del VIH


We work for the integration of migrants and refugees. To this end, we offer information and personalised advice in collaboration with other NGOs and social services in the city.


As a society and as a collective we have a historical debt to honour since our senior members fought decades ago for the rights we are able to enjoy today. We must make their stories visible, improve their living conditions – decent pensions, quality health care, residences, etc. – and collaborate with the entities that work in the defence of their historical memory.

Orgullo de Lalín, 2018
Reading of the Lalin Pride 2018 proclamation by the journalist Alfonso Hermida.


Galicia is a mainly rural community and the population traditionally lives in very dispersed locations. We fight for the visibility of LGTBI realities in villages and towns so that their inhabitants are not forced to leave their place of origin because of their sexual orientation.


We offer training to workers and employers regarding the added value of diversity in companies and public administrations. We also collaborate with the FELGTBI+’s YesWeTrans programme, which aims to create opportunities for transgender people to enter the labour market. The aim is to reduce the alarming unemployment rates that affect this group.


We believe in an educational system that educates on diversity; that is why we work with schools, giving workshops for the whole educational community (teachers, students, parents, etc.).


We want to empower the new generations, facilitating the participation of youth in the political decision-making processes and in the life of the association.

FELGTB Jornadas jóvenes en la Orotava 2019
FELGTB’s open day “Jóvenes Sin Armarios”, La Orotava, 2019.


We work to promote performances and artistic demonstrations that make diversity visible in our community, as well as promoting the production of LGTBI creators.


We also give visibility to LGTBI sportspeople in order to achieve equal rights in this field.

On a regular basis, we review these areas and update our policy and redesign our lines of work.

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